A letter from Mrs. Socorro Gomes

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Dear fellows in the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals,
Dear friend President Zivadin Jovanovic:

sgomezIt is my greatest satisfaction to send you this message congratulating you on the important Annual Assembly you recently organized – of which we have received the news and shared – and especially for the Forum’s 15th anniversary, in March. The Forum, thus, has many years of struggle against imperialism and militarization, certainly strengthening us in the path we still must follow ahead.

Last year, in the “Global Peace vs. Global Interventionism and Imperialism” Conference, we could see the Belgrade Forum’s capacity of attraction for debates that are still so urgent and that we must hold. It was a great honor to join our fellows from so many countries and movements to discuss the 15 years since the criminal bombardments conducted by NATO against Former Republic of Yugoslavia and our need for unity, so we can continue denouncing the imperialists’ war machine.

Furthermore, as our friend Mr. Jovanovic said in his speech in your Annual Assembly, our work must also focus on the reaffirmation of memory, against the historical revisionism promoted by the empire, so justice and accountability may take roots, especially for the hideous crimes perpetrated by NATO and its leaders against the Balkans. We are confident in our strengths against imperialism for this enterprise.

Therefore, we wish much success in the essential work conducted by the Belgrade Forum, which has deeply valuable contribution in our World Peace Council and our shared struggle for a world of equals, for peace and for justice.

With my fraternal compliments,

Socorro Gomes
World Peace Council