Statement concerning the latest violent events in Venezuela

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On Wednesday, February 12, 2014, a group of violent protestors attacked several facilities of the National Government in Karakas and other cities in the country, using firearms, and applying general vandalism and destroying public property. The violence took lives of three people, and left injured more than sixty others. The same group has also organized similar exercise of violence in April 2013, on the occasion of election of Nicolàs Maduro for President, when the death toll was eleven people.
Having in mind experiences from Serbia, Libya, Syria, Mali, and the current unfolding in Ukraine, it is evident that these events in Venezuela are by no means any sort of spontaneous expression of dissatisfaction, but rather an attempt to forcibly topple the legitimately elected authorities in the country, and to bring to power instead such people that would pursue the interests of those whose goal is to establish control over the natural resources of Venezuela.
The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals condemns this endeavor to destabilize Venezuela and expresses its full support to the Government and President of Venezuela, Nicolàs Maduro, in their efforts to maintain and upkeep the Constitutional order, sovereignty, and national independence, against this attempt to crush them with the support of external, non-Venezuelan factors.
We are convinced that such destabilization efforts will fail to affect the path set by Ugo Chavez that follows the current Government, which is the path of social justice, freedom, equality of people, and the path leading to overall prosperity of the friendly people of Venezuela.

Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals