Statement on Developments regarding Syria

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Leadership and the members of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals in strongest terms condemn the warring plans of the United States of America and their NATO and Middle East allies aimed at the armed attack on Syria, on the pretext of the Syrian Army’s alleged use of chemical weapons against the insurgents. Their new war adventure, latest in the string of many previous ones waged against an independent sovereign country, is being heralded as yet another “humanitarian intervention”, hypocritically reassuring the international public how they wish to only employ military attack in order to “protect” the Syrian people against any purported renewed use of chemical weapons by their government.

The preparations for the aggression on Syria intensified recently, where the masterminds do not intend to wait for the report to be drafted by UN experts. In addition, they openly announce military intervention even without the UN Security Council, applying scenario already exploited back in 1999 in the aggression against Serbia (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), which will be tantamount to yet another gross violation of the international law an the UN Charter.

For citizens of Serbia, the pretext for the aggression used in this particular case by the USA and its allies, is painfully reminiscent of the monstrous false accusations that had preceded NATO aggression on Serbia, dubbed “Merciful Angel”. That same model has been in the meantime also applied in aggressions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, causing tragic and far reaching consequences for the peoples in these countries.

All these instances of military campaigns waged by the USA and their Western allies, accompanied by grave crimes against humanity and harshest violations of the international law, unmistakably reveal that behind declaratory “good intentions” and “humanitarian interventions” lie their naked imperialist interests and attempts to dominate over other countries and peoples. Preparations for aggression on Syria serve the function of their control over the entire Middle East and unimpeded exploitation of the regional rich mineral resources.

We watch in disbelief the relentless media propaganda against the Syrian Government and its President, unfolding in parallel with the drafting of war plans by the Western command centers. This is the model of demonizing the target adversary, which has previously been thoroughly developed and implemented before and during NATO aggression on Serbia, and thereafter in aggressions on Iraq and Libya. The experience shows that satanizing the rival, in combination with military intervention and other repressive measures, makes the unavoidable constant of all “humanitarian interventions” executed by the USA and its Western allies following the end of the Cold War.

The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals expects that the UN Security Council invests maximum efforts in order to halt the threatening “war drums” and pave the way for solving the dramatic crisis in Syria by means of dialogue and negotiations, under full observance of the sovereign right of the Syrian peoples to decide about its destiny on its own, without foreign interference. To achieve this, it is necessary that the countries which amply support and assist the opposition and rebels, thus encouraging them to continue armed struggle and violence, halt such practice and instead revert to supporting the negotiations as the only way to end the civil war.

Belgrade, 30 August 2013.
Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals