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Pirkko Turpeinen-Saari, MD. Chief psychiatrist, former member of Finnish Parliament


The propaganda stream from last week has reminded me strongly of the propaganda surrounding the US-EU-Germany initiated destruction and occupation of Yugoslavia 30 years ago.

The actions of Ruder-Finn marketing firm, economically supported by CIA and US-nazi-diaspora resembled the present ”western” propaganda. Now it is not only one firm but more than 100 firms.

Ruder-Finn had a permanent collaboration with 400 journalists, to whom they fed the  information CIA and US-foreign policy and EU-Germany’s BND wanted them to convey. The journalists needed to visit places of action only briefly in order to get the taste of genuinity and blood to their stories.

Serbs, who supported democracy, international law and the independence of Yugoslavia, not the splitting, had to be demonized. Deeply humane general Ratko Mladic, who because of his intelligence and creativity described the false images conveyed by the ”west” as questionable, had to be proven a ”war criminal”, just like president Putin is described in the present conflict in Ukraine.

The explosions in Markale square and bread-line were false flags and gave the reason to bomb the Serbs by NATO. The collaboration between caliphate building Bosnian muslims, NATO and American generals leading the muslim troops like John Galvin was seamless.

The ”Srebrenica massacre” had been ordered by president Clinton already in 1993. Now it was reinvented in August 1995 by ICTY official visiting Tuzla, 80 km apart from Srebrenica. At the same time, side by side with him was an UN-official interviewing Srebrenica inhabitants, out of whom no one had seen any massacres.

During 25  years scientists have collected enourmous amounts of information about what happened during 1992-93 in Serb-villages around Srebrenica, when muslim villagers attaced and killed Serbs. There is also piles of information, what happened after Bosnian Serb army had arrived in Srebrenica, the Muslim army had fled fighting its way towards Tuzla.

Every bone has been studied. Has the person died of artillery barrage, in the minefields or been executed. The number of executed persons has been around 400.

I have on my desk a massive book: Srebrenica, Reality and Manipulations. Articles have been written by scientists, generals, UN-commanders out of whom general Karremans has explaned how massive the politcal pressure was right after the conflict, to describe what happened according to the western narrative.

In spite of all the information available, the first propaganda narrative is very much alive and is in use again in the information war concerning the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

The governments of Finland in the 1990s  gave their unconditional support to the Ruder-Finn war-narrative. Finland wanted to be a member of EU. That is why it wanted to please the US-led NATO, but especially EU-Germany and Helmut Kohl. That decennium was in a way psychological and physical; military rehearsal to join the unipolar US-led world, where the expansion was performed through bombings and horrendous economic sanctions.

For me it is most painful to tell my grand-children to which extent the Finnish government led by Paavo Lipponen was ready to go to serve the US and Germany.

President Bill Clinton wanted to occupy militarily the whole of Yugoslavia. It had a strong military presence in Europe already  by occupying Germany. He wanted however more. He wanted to rule the whole of Balkans to rule the oil- and drugtrade and human trafficing. Finnish president Ahtisaari was a helping hand in all of this.

Yugoslavia had been threatened with new bombings since the Dayton accords. Nazi-Croats and Osama bin Laden’s jihadists were president Clintons allies. Kosovo Albanians were not for democarcy but for direct action and violence. They did not want to participate in democratic rule for 9 years. In 1998 president Clinton renamed the terrorists as freedom-fighters.

The Serbian government police-force informed the media and society that it was 15.1.1999 going to empty the village of Racak in Kosovo of terrorists and weapons as the Albanians had killed local police-officers. AP-TV cameras recorded the fights from early morning until afternoon about Several journalists, OSCE- inspecors were stationed at the hill tops. The bodies could not be fethced from the hills as there was sporadic shooting at judical officers trying to get the bodies down.

As the judge and policemen came the next day to verify the situation, the US chairman of Kosovo OSCE, William Walker was already at the scene with a large group of journalists. The group convened around a ditch, which was full of dead bodies 45, all together. Walter claimed that the people had been executed in a brutal way. Heads cut, shot at neck as victims had tried to climbe from the ditch.

This false statement was telephoned to all NATO-governments during the week-end, before the journalists had got their articles and films out for the public.

As a result of this provocation all the NATO-countries agreed that there is no space for any negotiations longer. The only alternative is to bomb Yugoslavia.

The Yugoslav government invited a Finnish forensic team to study the Racak bodies and find out if the victims had died of execution or fighting.

The Finnish forensic specialists found that no one had been shot from short distance. None the less there were any decpitations, as Clinton had claimed. There were no minors either.

The government of Finland had chosen a dentist, Helena Ranta, to function as the chairman of the forensic team in spite of the fact that a dentist has nothing to do with finding the cause of death of the victims. She did not explain at all to the media what her collagues had found. Instead of clearly saying the results, she pondered filosophically about matters, which had nothing to do with the team’s task. The term crime against humanity was on her vocabulary, not the facts.

It seems that the chosen chairman was politically suitable for the task.

The government of Finland in collaboration with the German ministry of foreign affairs decided to hide the results of the forensic team, permanently. They could care less, what would be the result of their omission.

The chief specialist of the forensic team, world known professor Antti Penttilä could not accept this end result. He published the results in an international forensic journal – two years after the bombings had already occurred.

Because of the decisions by the Finnish governent, the bombings of Yugoslavia started some days after the media statements by Helena Ranta.


In the case of Srebrenica the end results are the following:

The political ICTY-court has sentenced, as a result of the western propaganda, Serb-generals to long prison sentences.

Facts based on scientific research and scientific research as such have been declared criminal.

After Dayon accords in 1995, the highest official in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been the High Comissionen, the first commisioner having been Swedish Carl Bild.

The US has had through NATO- occupation and later a bit lighter EU-military presence a position which resembles a colonial ruler just like US has now in Ukraine.

The last High comissioner Christian Schmidt, German christian democrat, has been member of the German government until 2018. One could say the the country is ruled by US-German tandem.

Christian Schmidt has ruled questioning of the ”Srebrenica western truth” a crime . If a person according to scientific research questions the western narrative, he is threatened by a jail  sentence.


Denial of the western narrative about Racak ”execution” and telling the truth about the fight in the village is a crime in Kosovo.

Ivan Todosijevic, a Serb-member of Kosovo parliament spoke the truth about Racak in a speech commemorating the 20 year anniversary of Yugoslav-bombings in 2019. He told that the execution was staged by William Walker.

The ”high court” of Kosovo sentenced him to 2 years in prison. If the government of Finland would like to save mr Todosijevic, they should tell the truth.

William Walker has got a statue in Racak village in a celebration in  2017 in the presence of that time president HashimThaci.


The procedures by the government of Finland have distanced themselves further and further from the truthful reality  and humanity which it valued before entering the membership in EU.

Former Finnish prime minister Alexander Stubb visits, these weeks, all around Sweden to encourage the country to join NATO.

Alexander Stubb served the US- and EU- interests remarkably as he as EU-representative claimed in 2008 that Russia had attacked Georgia in 8.8.2008. The truth was that president Saakashvili of Georgia had attacked Russian peace-keepers in South-Ossetia and bombed Tsinvali expecting for support from the US.

As prime minister of Finland Alexander Stubb prepared the steps together with president Sauli Niinistö towards Finland joining the military alliance NATO.

The first task was to educate the Finnish media and prepare them to fit the NATO-narrative. To achieve that he found that by sending 100 Finnish journalists and civil servants to Harvard for special CIA-indoktrination would do the job. (In Jugoslav wars, the CIA had too much work preparing the news by itself, in order to deliver them to journalists. It would be smoother as the journalists themselves would have the right attitude to start with)

The government in power after Alexander Stubb, was Juha Sipilä’s right wing government. They put the Harvard-education  to action. In addition to that education, NATO-hybrid information Center was invited to start its function in Helsinki, Finnish capital. So the collaboration between educated journalists, civil servants and NATO would be smooth.

President Sauli Niinistö let the representative of Finnish army to sign NATO- host country agreement, during the summer vacation of the parliament, in 2014. So the parlament was not bothered by discussing and deciding this strong allignment with NATO. Locating nuclear weapons on Finnish soil were not forbidden in the agreement. President Niinistö made several bilater military collaboration agreements for example with the US, Britain and Germany.

The Swedish parliament worked through the NATO-host agreement and bringing nuclear weapons to Sweden became forbidden.

Finland has a committee for security matters. The highest civil servants of each ministry form the committee, the chief civil-servant of Finlans’s president included.

This security committee, supports economically so called ”Mediapool”, the task of which is to secure the co-ordination of all newspapers, publishing houses and State TV according to the NATO-narrative.


Russia started its military operation in Ukraine February 24, 2022. Its goal is to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine and secure Donbass, which has been for 8 years under military threat by the government of Ukraine.

Russia has tried diplomatic approach for 8 years to save the Russian speaking parts of the country from annihilation. EU-countries Germany and France, even though signatories of the Minsk treaties, have done nothing to persuade the government of Ukraine to proceed to fulfilment of the treaty.

14000 killed during the 8 years, 400 children too. Continuous pressure and sleeping nights in cellars have made all children of the area vulnerable according to a study by a Finnish doctor. He compared children from Donbass, to children on middle Ukrainian areas and western parts. The differense in mental stress is enormous.

Finnish NATO-educated media does not reveal that it knows about US led military coup in Ukraine in 2014. It does not reveal that it knows that president Obamas vice president ruled Ukraine as a colonial ruler. Biden’s son Hunter’s role in supporting economically the founding of military laboratories in Ukraine, has not reaced the Finnish media. Neither they know that president Obama threatened to make Russia to become a pariah-state.

The Finnish media does not know about the US and British military advisers in Ukraine nor the NATO exercises there. They do not know that the, in the military coup so essential, nazi- army has been integrated to the Ukrainian army seamlessly. Nor do they know that all opposition parties have been denied their function. Russian language is forbidden to be spoken in public. Education in Russian language is forbidden. A multitude of TV-stations have been closed.

In the UN vote, fall 2021,  conserning support to nazism, only USA and Ukraine did not mind nazism. The EU-countries absteined as they could not revel their positive attitude to Ukrainian nazism. However EU-countries have supported and allied with nazis and jihadists in Libya, Syria, Afganistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and Ukraine.

The western media claimed that in Mariupol the maternity hospital had been bombed by Russian forces. Without any further information , president of Finland and prime minister Marin, condemned with a stern voice, the horrific attac to the hospital by Russians.
Only some days later, the information reached audiences, that the hospital had been occupied by Ukrainian Azov battallion, who had emptied the location of its patients before the bombing. It became also known that the Azov-forces had misused the patients and inhibited them from escaping the city, by shooting at them while being evacuated.

The publicly announced principal of the Ukrainian nazis is to systematically kill all Russians, roma and Russian speaking ukrainians or expell them accross the border to Russia.

In the neighbourhood of capital Kiev, in the city of Bucha the Russian army was accused of killing civilians and leaving the bodies laying along the streets. After the initial report, the Finnish president and prime minister again condemd the brutality of Russian soldiers on twitter.

From several sources the story appeared to be different.

After the Russian troops left the city March the 30th, the mayor of Bucha rejoiced the recapture of the city by Ukrainian army and  the Azov nazi-groups arrived the following day. A female city council member in military gear boasted on TV that the Azov had arrived and started clensing the city of collaborators. They killed civilians who had Russian army rations in their hands or had white ribbons on their arms symbolizing to Russian soldiers that these civilians are their friends.

Ilja Kiva, member of Ukraine’s parliament until last month and chairman of socialist party, reported Bucha killings by Russian forces to be a false flag planned and organized by the SBU, Ukrainian intelligence service together with MI6, the British intelligence.

The US/EU-media denies the Ukrainian war from being a civil war, where Ukrainians fight between themselves. The war was initiated after the US-led coup, when the newly formed illegal government had been formed and the illegal chairman of the parliament, Mr Turchinov, declared a war against Eastern Ukrainians, who did not want to obey the illegal coup, the illegal government and the parliament clensed from major parties.


Mariupol steel factory in Donbass is now the last bastion of the nazi-Azov-army. One part of the military escaped in two helicopters. Among the passengers were US military advisers, just like in Syria. After the liberation of Aleppo, US- and other NATO- advisers were found in the cement tunnels built by the western forces for the rebel-fighters.

Why do the president and prime minister of Finland support the false flag information case after case even though there is no proof from what has really happened.

Why the government of Finland hides the scientific forensic results of what happened in the village of Racak in winter 1999.

Why the Finnish government and the media have built a horrific and disgusting  atmosphere of hate towards Russia and Russians that they hope all inhabitants of Finland to aquire and identify with.
It was awkward to watch the chairman of the German Green party and German minister of foreign affairs Annalena Baerbok to almost shout in her speech to increase the sanctions against Russia because of the Bucha killings. Even though even the nazi-killings in Bucha have no comparison with German bombings of Yugoslavia or US killing of millions of people in Libya, Afganistan, Irak and Laos.

In the destruction of Yugoslavia, German minister of foreign affairs, Joschka Fisher was most eager to bomb the Serbs. He declaired right after he became minister of foreign affairs that ”Serbs must be put on their knees”. It felt unbelievable that a relative of nazi-occupiers should treat holocaust survivors like that.

Now it is the turn of Russians to be in place of Serbs. Russians have managed to overcome the nazi-invasion in 1940- 45.They will never forget the atrozities of nazis no matter wether in Eastern Europe or Ukraine now. The Russians are on the right side of the history, building a multipolar world together with countries who are tired of US atrocities, military oppression,killings, economic sanctions, injustice, and colonial attitude towards other countries.

Too many countries are still afraid of US power-using and cannot act independantly. Russia is corageous and hopefully soon wins the battle against nazism everywhere where it still excists.