The Belgrade forum summing up 2009 - by Živadin Jovanović

Activities - Press Releases

The Assembly of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals has ended successfully today (December 26th, 2009.) adopting the Report for the year 2009, Report of Controlling Board, Framework Plan for 2010 and certain changes in the Statute required
by the new Law on Civic Associations. The Decree on the Forum’s recognitions to the supporters and donors was also adopted.
The Assembly took place in the heart of the City of Belgrade, in the Art Gallery of the “Progress” A.D. Company, located in Knez Mihajlova Street.
There were present about 150 delegates and friends of the Forum from within of Serbia as well as from Montenegro, Bosnia and Hercegovina (Republica Srpska) and Serbian Diaspora. Academicians, university professors, foreign and domestic diplomats, military experts and private company representatives were present.
The newest Forum’s publications and CD with the video message to the Serbian People of the French General Marie Pierre Galois, were presented.
Traditional New Years cocktail followed.
Details of the Assembly proceedings, documents (though in Serbian language), photos and audio recording, can bee viewed at the web page of the Forum (

We thank to all who extended their good wishes to the Belgrade forum’s Assembly.


Živadin Jovanović
President of Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals