To international conference on militarization in Europe - Kiev

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Dear Mr. President,                              
Dear Friends and Comrades,

The Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals extends its sincere thanks to the European Peace Forum and to its Ukrainian Section for the kind invitation to participate at the important international conference in Kiev on militarization in Europe. We regret very much for being unable at this moment to be present. We would like to express our best wishes for success of the conference and we greet brotherly all participants.
The Kiev conference takes place at the time of the growing danger of militarization of Europe. Expansion of NATO, proliferation of American and NATO bases towards East and South East of Europe, growing military expenditures and degradation of civil control over military sectors all over Europe do seriously jeopardize stability, peace and basic socio-economic and other essential human rights of hundreds of millions of people of our Continent. Such development should be stopped by united resistance of all peace loving organizations and individuals. Serbia is the first victim of militarization of Europe. In March next year we will mark the 10th anniversary of NATO 1999 aggression against Serbia (FRY). This aggression known as Merciful Angel was conducted without approval of UN Security Council, in flagrant violation of the UN Charter, and NATO founding Act of 1949. The aggression left around 3.500 human victims including children, destroyed economy, polluted human environment and direct damage of about 30 billion dollars. In the past nine years the province of Kosovo and Metohija has been under the UN mandate. In that period about 270.000 Serbs and other non-Albanians have been forced to leave the Province and 150 Christian medieval monasteries and churches have been destroyed in terrorist acts. In the same period over 2.000 Serbs have been killed or proclaimed missing. For over 5.000 ethnically motivated crimes nobody has been found guilty. Yet, NATO and EU member countries have provided the most of security (KFOR) and civilian (UNMIK) personnel.
The UN SC resolution 1244 of 10 of June 1999, guarantees sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia (FRY) and essential autonomy as a status for Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia. Now, nine years after, the most influential countries of EU and NATO dominated by USA, are imposing illegal secession of Kosovo and Metohija from Serbia taking the issue of the status out of the mandate of UN Security Council, violating basic principals of international law and concrete decision of UN SC. EU is sending about 2.000 police and civilians to Kosovo and Metohija to replace UN presence (UNMIK), without permission of the UN SC, in order to implement Marti Ahtisari proposal on so called supervised independence of Kosovo and Metohija although  Ahtisari proposal has never been approved by UN SC. EU is now in 2008 actually continuing mistakes of NATO 1999 again violating the UN Charter, Final OSCE Helsinki Act, 1244 (1999) SC resolution, EU Founding Act and Serbian Constitution. It is ironic that the unilateral, illegal and imposed EU police-civilian mission in Kosovo and Metohija is called EULEX. Does that mean that the EU is taking over the authority of UN SC and that any unilateral EU decision, be it legal or illegal, from now on will be the law for the rest of Europe and the world?
In fact, EU undertaking such illegal step will be fully responsible for taking part in destroying territorial integrity of Serbia as one of the oldest states of Europe, founding member of League of Nations, United Nations and OSCE, as well as in imposing creation of illegal state of Kosovo. This will be time-bomb against the system of European security. Promotion of illegal puppet states and rewarding terrorism and violence as  means for gaining independence can hardly end by Kosovo and Metohija, Europe, Euro-Asia and the world will, rather sooner than later, be faced by costliest consequences of opening of the new unknown Pandora Box.  
The Government and the National Assembly of Serbia have proclaimed the declaration and all acts of provisional institutions of Kosovo and Metohija on independence as unilateral, illegal and nil and void. Serbia shall never accept or recognize illegal state of Kosovo. Serbia and Serbian people shall always consider Kosovo and Metohija integral part of its state territory and national dignity. Sovereignty and territorial integrity for Serbia, like for any other country, has no comparable value or goal. Therefore, those in NATO and EU who calculate to make a deal, to offer so called European perspectives to Serbia in exchange for Kosovo and Metohija must for ever be disappointed.
We extend our most sincere thanks to all friends and friendly organizations in Europe and all over the world for support to Serbia and Serbian people, for solidarity shown with them in this dramatic period of their history. This support is not important for only one country and one nation but it is valuable also for maintaining peace, stability and authority of law in Europe and the world. We should not allow the Munich of 1938 to be repeated. We appeal to all friends and good wishers in Europe and the world to condemn all acts of violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia, unilateral act of independence of Serbian Province of Kosovo and Metohija, and the policy of force and aggression by USA, NATO and influential EU member countries.
We wish the Kiev Conference every success.

Brotherly greetings from                                   
Zivadin Jovanovic, President