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The passing away of Professor Aldo Bernardini has caused the deepest pain in academic community, scientific and educational institutions and independent social and peace organizations in Serbia.

Professor Bernardini will be remembered as the great Italian and European scientist in the field of the International Public Law, independent thinker of the highest moral and humanistic principles. We will cherish lasting memory of professor Bernardini as the heroic defender of peace, truth and justice, particularly, at the time of the destruction of Yugoslavia, illegal NATO military aggression 1999 and unilateral secession of Serbian Province Kosovo and Metohija. Professor Bernardini always insisted that, in the interest of peace and stability, the International Law principles must be universally respected and that unilateral illegal actions and secession be excluded. As the co-founder and member of the International Committee for Defense of Slobodan Milosevic he considered ad hoc Hague Tribunal to be an instrument of "NATO justice" with clear anti-Serbian role. He argued convincingly that the process in Hague was a farce designed to put the blame on Serbian nation and to protect real culprits of destruction of Yugoslavia, crimes committed during the civil wars and of NATO 1999 aggression. His book "How Yugoslavia was killed" will remain lasting proof of true aims and shameful methods of dominant powers involved in destruction of Yugoslavia, as well as of severe consequences which continue to be felt in Europe and world-wide.

Members and friends of Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals and other independent association in Serbia, will forever remember professor Aldo Bernardini as the unique defender of justice and great friend of Serbia and Serbian people.
Eternal gratitude and the glory to Professor Aldo Bernardini!  

Belgrade, April 7th, 2020.