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ZivadinJovanovic, Belgrade Forum



The Belgrade forum for the world of equals a non-partisan, independent and non-profit association was established15 years ago. It was in March 2000. that the Forum hosted important international conference commemorating 4.000 human victims of NATO 1999. aggression against FR of Yugoslavia.

Forum believes in and struggle for sovereign equality of all states and peoples as foundation for equitable cooperation, peace, stability and development. Freedom of choice of internal development of each country, non-interference in internal affairs and solution of all conflicts and international problems by peaceful means are among most important Forum’s beliefs. Equality and sovereignty of states and nations, as enshrined in the UN Charter, at the same time, is essential precondition for implementation of universal human rights in their entiretyembracing political, economic, social, cultural, right to employment, education, health security, true informationand others. Forum stands for respect of basic principles of international law, especially for the respect of UN Charter and Helsinki Final Document (1975).
Forum cooperates with many associations of similar orientation in Serbia, former Yugoslav republics, Europe and worldwide. It is member of World Peace Council based in Athens, Greece.

Since its foundation, Forum has published more than 150 books, hostedmany national andinternational conference, round tables, press conferences, performancesand other public events.Itsrepresentatives took part in many conferences around the world. During the last year, the Forum publishedsixnew books (7.000 copies), three of which were translated into several foreignlanguages and distributed worldwide.

The book “Serbia in the Great War 1914-1918 ", written by professorsMira Rаdojevic and LjubodragDimic, has had two editions in Serbian and one in Russian, English and German languages. Preparations are under way for publishing of this book in Slovak and Chinese languages.It is an outstanding contribution in defense of the truth against systematic, politically motivated revision of history of 20th century.

The book " New Cold War “, containing proceedings of the International Conference, held on 22 and 23 March 2014, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of NATO aggression against the FR of Yugoslavia, has just appeared and was presented at the Forum’s Annual Assembly meeting held in Belgrade on January 24th, 2015.

In the past year, Forum hosted three major international conferences and two round tables attended by about 2.000 Serbian and by about 200 scientists and experts from more than 50 countries.

Speaking of the recent annual Assembly session,ZivadinJovanovic, president of the Forum presentedthe positions of the Forumon some crucial national and international issues. He said that stable and just solution of the status of the Province of Kosovo and Metohijacan be reached only on the basis of UN/SC resolution 1244 (1999) and constitution of Serbia. USA/NATO/EU dictate manifested at the so called “Brussels negotiations” is not the way to just and durable compromise – he said. “Negotiations” of that type have no legal base; Serbia’s legitimate interests are ignored.Those countries, who bombed Serbia in 1999 in alliance with the terrorist KLA, today continue pursuing same strategic objectives supporting former terrorist leaders from Kosovo and Metohija in civilian clothes.

Jovanovic criticized the "psychology of submissivenessto BrusselsEU/ NATOcommissars". He considered that the government officials also suffer of "inferiority complex towards neighbors, even then when they spit, insult, sue, slander, when openly express territorial claims and keep violatingthe basic human rights of Serbs". Just because some of neighbors became NATO and EU members!

Jovanovic urged the Government “not to sell public companiessuch as‘Telecom’, Electricity Company (EPS), ‘Danube insurance’, agricultural land, water and mines. If the most important national resources are in foreign hands, how we could claim to live in free and independent country” – questionedJovanovic.

Participants of the Forum’s Assembly strongly supported the view that “Serbia should permanently adhere to the principle of neutrality” and that “Serbia, as a small, peaceful country must not join NATO as aggressive military alliance". He also reiterated that the current warin Eastern Ukraine is the consequence of NATO strategy of expansion to the East. In that conflict Serbia should remain neutral resisting all pressures to apply sanctions against Russia. Sanctions do not help peace, but war mongers. Those are not sanctions of UN but of USA/NATO/EU sanctions where Serbia does not belong.

Implementation of the renewed strategy “DrangnachOsten”started in March 1999 by NATO military aggression against FR of Yugoslavia.This led to grabbing of Kosovo and Metohija, by force from Serbia. Precedent was made in violating basic principles of UN Charter (1945) and principles of OSCE Helsinki Final Document(1975). Such a practice has encouraged separatist movements in various parts of Europegiving at the same timestrong impetus to growing terrorism and organized crime.USA/NATO/EU position that “Kosovo is unique case” proved to be short-lived propaganda.Separatist tendencies in a number of EU member countries have grown, terrorism is expanding all aver.

Nowadays the top USA/NATO/EU representatives publically advocate for respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity, denouncing a“policy of redrawing the international borders” and alike! Only few intellectuals have publically reminded to the precedent of destroying Yugoslavia, to NATO aggressions on Bosnia and Herzegovina (1995) and on Serbia (1999), in fact, to the NATO strategy of redrawing internationally recognized boarders in Europe, but not only. Why? Short of memory? Short sightedness? Over-impressed? Shouldn’t we, at least, for the sake of records,say: it were you, the leaders of USA, NATO and EU who did first violate basic principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Yugoslavia (SFRY, then FRY), then of Serbia; weren’t you, or some of you, who prevented implementation of peaceful political solution in Bosnia,based on Jose Cutiliearo’s 1992 plan; weren’t you, or some of you, who helped bringing and arming mujahidin’s from Chechnya, Middle East and North Africa, to Bosnia (1992-1995). Now you seem to be disturbed by wehabist movement and Islamic extremistsin Bosnia who keep under control villages, towns, parts of territory in Bosnia! Weren’t you whoviolatedHelsinki OSCE basic principle of consensus by imposing in 1992 formula - “consensus minus 1”, thus excluding Yugoslavia, founder of the OSCEand favoring separatists; you did nothing to stop financing, arming and training of Albanian terrorist KLA from your countries. Was it not preparation for the war and separation?! In the eve of NATO aggression, it were you whoremoved KLA from your list of terrorist organizations adding it to the list of liberation movements (1998). Was it notstep toward ensuing alliance in attacking Serbia and Montenegro in 1999?! So much about your principles and standards in the struggle against terrorism.Now you seem to be worried why so many young Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija fight on the side of ISIS in the Middle East!Why these days thousands of them desperately flee to your countries. It was you who started redrawing international borders in Europe by violating not only basic principles of the international law but violating concrete decision of the UN Security Councilcontained in the resolution 1244 (1999); it were you who prevented political peaceful solution in Kosovo and Metohijaby ultimately demanding total military occupation of territory of FR of Yugoslavia, in Rambouillet,exactly 15 years ago;it were you, who violated constitutions of your own countries/organizations in launching aggression against Serbia (1999); aren’t you responsible for the death of about 4.000 citizens of Serbia and Montenegro, for the use of missiles with depleted uraniumcontinuously taking death toll of present and future generations? Aren’t you obliged tocompensation for the material war damage of over 100 billion dollars?!

First step after 1999 NATO aggression was construction of USA “Bondsteel” military base in Kosovo and Metohija, one of the largest in the world. As development has confirmed, “Bondsteel” was only the first ring of the long chain of USA military bases in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Baltic states... About 30.000 NATO fast reaction troops, stock piles of new military hard ware and five new “rotating commands” are engaged inadvancing NATO expansion toward Russia. New iron curtain is placed to divide Europe from Russia, to exclude Russia from Europe.

Is this the vision of the new security and cooperation in the year marking 40th anniversary of Helsinki Final Act?