Activities - Press Releases

Dear Friends and Comrades,

The leadership of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals and its members follow with great interest and attention the ongoing peaceful, mass public gatherings of people in Turkey and their legitimate requests for the protection of their economic, social and political rights. We consider these protests to be a democratic expression of justifiable discontent, and an indicator of a ‘stripped' democracy that is affecting the vital issues of life, present in people’s awareness and on the street.

We thank the ‘Baris Dernegi’ Peace Association of Turkey for regular and detailed information about the root causes and the course of developments of these mass protests. Their updated information helped us understand the essence and the reasons of people’s revolt and the justifiability of their requests.
Leadership of the Belgrade Forum, on behalf of its membership and numerous friends and supporters, expresses our sincere solidarity with, and support to, the people of Turkey in their democratic struggle to protect their rights. We wish their efforts are crowned with success in achieving the goals they strive for.
Together with expressing strongest condemnation of violent repressive measures taken by the Police against peaceful demonstrations, we wish to use this opportunity to express our deepest regret for tragic victims among protesters and to send sincere condolences to their families. We also express our sympathies to numerous injured demonstrators and their families, with sincere wishes for their fast recovery.

Sincerely yours,
Belgrade Forum
Belgrade, June 17, 2013. For a World of Equals