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Živadin Jovanović, President of the Belgrade Forum was awarded the Peace and Tolerance Charter

On the occasion of the International Peace Day (21st September), at the solemn ceremony held in the Endowment of Milić of Mačva “Kosovo the First Doorstep of Serbia”, City of Krusevac,  Živadin Jovanović, President of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals was awarded with the Charter of Peace and Tolerance. The decision on awarding this prominent acknowledgment was announced by Mr. Siniša Maksimović, Chairman of the Assembly of the Association of Culture of Peace and Tolerance. The Charter was presented by Bratislav Gašić, Mayor of the City of Kruševac. The City of Krusevac is one of the leading members of the World Asociation of Cities Messengers of Peace.

The ceremony was attended by a large audience, comprising citizens od Kruševac, representatives of the culture, and of public and political life in Serbia, and the Serbian Army.

Živadin Jovanović expressed his deep gratitude to the Assembly of the Association for Culture of Peace and Tolerance and to the Mayor of the City of Kruševac, stressing that he receives the award also as a recognition to the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, an independent association of Serbian intellectuals actively engaged in promoting the ideas of peace and equality among the individuals, peoples and the states. The City of Kruševac - Jovanovic said - due to its history and centuries long efforts in promoting ideas of peace, tolerance and cooperation, has achieved extraordinary international reputation. “Peace and freedom are inseparable values. These values are presently jeopardized by profound, long-term global crisis, ever increasing poverty, systematic violation of the basic principles of the international relations and the proliferation of crisis and conflict hotbeds. In this solemn moment I feel the duty to remind – that the values of freedom and safe sleep are nowadays denied to Serbian nation in the Province of Kosovo and Metohija, and that it hurts us all as a grave injustice”. With warnings of risks stemming from the efforts of certain power centers to revise the history, Mr. Jovanovićc alled upon the strengthening of peace efforts and peace movements, and for the full observance of the fundamental principles of the United Nations and the international relations.
Following the ceremony, actors and opera singers of the City of Kruševac performed an artistic programme.