Salute of EEDYE

Activities - Kosovo and Metohija 13 years after NATO Aggression

The usual hypocritical and cynical excuse of NATO military aggression against any country is the protection of human rights. In the case of Yugoslavia (Serbia) the aggression, which started 13 years ago, using among other “smart” weapons depleted uranium missiles, left behind thousands of dead, wounded and cancer suffering people, mostly civilians. It was launched to allegedly protect human rights of Kosovo Albanians. Later the same pretext was used in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, and in the future most certainly will be used against other countries like Syria, Iran, North Korea or any other country.
The capitalist and imperialist aggressiveness have one target: to safeguard the profitability of capital, which is its holy objective, with or without memoranda, within or outside the EU or other imperialist organizations, under the supervision of the IMF or not. Furthermore capitalism now asks back, with high interest rate, concessions that made, or was forced to make in the past century. The carrot is gone and only the yardstick is left for the peoples, to warn them and to punish them. As always the imperialists are united when they declare war against the people but they fight for the division of the loot like wolves, while their competition always leads to wars.
The peoples of every country, who are the only producers of the wealth, will have no benefits as long as the criterion for the development of the states is the profit of the capitalists and the participation in the imperialist plans. The deep, synchronized capitalist crisis has its basis in the sharpening of the basic contradiction capital-labor and demonstrates the historical boundaries of the capitalist system. Thus, the interests of the people, more than in any other instance, are connected to the struggle for their own power, for the organization of the economy with as its criterion the satisfaction of the needs of the people.
In that context the line of Bertolt Brecht, “Their War kills whatever their Peace leaves standing”, is timelier than ever.
We call on the Serbian people, the peoples of the whole world together with the organizations of the anti-imperialist peace movement and the organizations of the labor movement in a struggle against the imperialist plans, against the unjust wars, and for the respect of fundamental human rights, like the right to work, to educate, to health care, to live in peace. We call on them to create their own alliance, to choose their own path, to fight for the development which will satisfy their contemporary economic, cultural and environmental needs and their true peace and cooperation.
Stavros TASSOS, President of the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace.