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Zivadin Jovnovic, Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
Belgrade, March 26th, 2020.
Silk Road Connectivity Research Center
The interview to the Xinhua News Agency

Recently, some US politicians have linked the new corona virus to China and stigmatized China, and U.S. President Donald Trump said “Chinese virus” on social media. The World Health Organization and the international community are clearly opposed to link the virus to any specific countries and regions.

Q. Could you tell us what do you think about that the US linked the virus to China?

R. It is the baseless and irresponsible accusation aimed at damaging the highest international standing of China and her leadership. It is illustrative how difficult is for US Administration to adjust themselves to the new global realities without room for self-proclaimed “exceptionality”.

Q. The photos taken by the Washington Post showed that Trump intentionally modified his speech to cross out the word corona virus and change it to Chinese virus. Data showed that by 22 March, more than 20,000 people were confirmed with the corona virus in the United States.
In your opinion, what are the reasons why American politicians and Trump deliberately slander China?

R: I suppose, he did not like to sound neutral, even less to accept responsibility for overdue preventive steps in his own country. It seems safe and comfortable for him to put the blame on China and divert public attention from own responsibilities. He is adding some personal contribution to anti-Chinese propaganda trying to preempt pressure from the so called “deep state” and get something in electoral campaign. It is contradictory and self inflicting statement.  

Q. At present, the epidemic of the corona virus has spread in many countries around the world, and the international community urgently needs to cooperate in epidemic prevention.
China has provided assistance to more than 80 countries around the world, held video conferences with Central and Eastern European countries, and dispatched medical expert team to Italy, Iran, and Serbia to offer medical assistance.
How would you comment on China's approach? Is China playing a constructive role in international cooperation against the epidemic disease and safeguarding the global public health?

R: At this time of unparalleled global danger China is demonstrating in practice her policy of solidarity, openness and shared future of humanity. Consolidating the Covid 19 pandemic prevention and control at home China is helping more than 80 countries around the globe, including some members of G-7 and EU, unselfishly providing her experience, medical equipment, urgent medicaments and materials.

Q. What kind of international relations would help to relieve the situation globally, and what can be done to lessen the economic burden of the outbreak?

R: Global issues require global approach. In order to efficiently cope with Covid 19 it is necessary that the world community comes to a common platform, or plan of measures and actions, under the UN umbrella. Consensus should be reached on the efficient exchange of information, and coordination of actions. Artificial obstacles to the flow of medical supplies, such as sanctions, geopolitical calculations and alike, should be removed. In this fight nobody can succeed acting alone, behaving egoistically. There are no isolated, no privileged ones. The dialogue initiated within G-20 is welcome important step to provide common, coordinated, inclusive planning and action for both – control of Covid 19 and revival of global economic growth afterwards.   

Q. What’s your view on recent arrival of the Chinese medical experts?

R: Chinese doctors have been helping Serbian doctors already a week now and will stay as may be necessary. This is the most important humanitarian assistance considering the highest level of knowledge and unique experience which Chinese doctors brought to Serbia. China has already delivered the most valuable humanitarian assistance in medical equipment, materials and medicaments of the highest quality. The emergency health air bridge has been functioning between Belgrade and Beijing transporting various necessities for the fight against pandemic. This assistance and cooperation is resulting from direct communication between Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Chinese President Xi Jinping.  Belgrade officials said that Serbia will use Chinese model in fighting pandemic.  
It is impressive how the brotherly Chinese people have been spontaneously engaged in collecting and sending humanitarian assistance to the people of Serbia. Those TV pictures and heartfelt messages are unforgettable illustration of the people to people connectivity. Once again China, Chinese leadership and the great Chinese people are demonstrating their understanding of the “steel partnership” and comprehensive strategic friendly relations with Serbia. Serbia will cherish this forever.