Activities - Press Releases

A prestigious annual reward “Pečat vremena” (“The Seal of Times”) has been awarded to Mr. Živadin Jovanović, President of the Belgrade Forum, for book “1244 – The Key to Peace in Europe”, jointly published in 2018 by the Belgrade Forum for the World of Equals and the Serbian Literary Association.

This prize is shared by Mr. Jovanović and Academician Vlado Strugar, co-laureat for book “Yugoslav December 1, 1918”.
The “Pečat vremena” Prize is awarded annually for the best book in the domain of science and social theory, and also for the best literary work firstly published in the previous year. The literary prize for 2018 has been awarded to Mr. Gojko Đogo for poetry collection “Klupko”.

The awards were given to the laureates at the ceremony convened on the St. Vasilij of Ostrog Day, on May 12, 2019, in the reception hall of the Yugoslav Cinematheque in Belgrade.
The awarding ceremony was attended by a significant number of scientists, cultural scholars and public dignitaries, politicians and diplomats, including the SANU Academicians: Vasilije Krestić, Matija Bećković, Ljubiša Rakić, and Časlav Ocić; among other prominent attendees were Dragan Stanić Negrišorac, President of Matica srpska, Irinej Bishop of Bačka, Nenad Popović, Minister of Innovation and Technological Development in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Gajović, State Secretary in the Ministry of Culture and Information, Aleksandar Čepurin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Serbia, Milovan Vitezović, President of the Association of Writers of Serbia,  Zoran Avramović, Director of the Institute for the Promotion of Education, and previous laureates of the “Pečat vremena” Award.

On behalf of the jury, the awards were elaborated by Prof. Radovan Radinović, General retired (for science and social theory) and Prof. Dr Jovan Popov (for literature).