Aldo Bernardini has left us

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Enrico Vigna, Belgrade Forum Italy, April 7, 2020


Jurist, academic, professor and rector of the University of Chieti, of International Law, but also a militant, a man of strong and profound principles of justice and equality, which he has consistently maintained until the end of his days.

The writer shared a path of commitments and battles of over thirty years.
I met Aldo Bernardini in the Nino Pasti Foundation for the peace and since, he NEVER missed his contribution, always in the front row and with courage, never going backwards to protect his academic career. If he thought a battle was fair he would take sides and make his contribution.

When we established the Ramsey Clark Tribunal for NATO's crimes in Yugoslavia, he courageously was one of the most prominent figures in the project, to expose and report the NATO aggression.
So also when, with Fulvio Grimaldi in April 2001, we formed the Defense Committee of Slobodan Milosevic Italia, which is a member of the ICDSM of Belgrade.
As well as he joined immediately, when we founded the Belgrade Forum Italy, and he was one of the most distinguished speakers, together with the 72 parliamentarians, senators, academics, journalists, ambassadors when we organized the press conference of May 2007 to the Italian Parliament, of the "Manifesto Appeal for peoples of Kosovo Metohija: For a fair and compliant solution to International Law, against unilateral independence and secession processes in Kosovo Metohija ”, of the Belgrade Forum.
But also he was always close to SOS Yugoslavia - SOS Kosovo Metohija Solidarity Association and finally in recent years, he joined the Scientific Committee of the “Information Center for Truth and Justice”.
How many times did he call to ask for updates on the situation in Kosovo, Donbass, Syria, always with interest and participation, a man and comrade of great academic depth but also of great simplicity and humanity, always available to give his contribution of competence.

I think that other words are useless, for every man and comrade only actions, courage and dignity count.

On behalf of the Belgrade Italy Forum, the CIVG, SOS Yugoslavia - SOS Kosovo Metohija, we greet him and we are close to his partner Ingrid.

May the earth be your light comrade and friend Aldo. Enrico Vigna