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Dear Zhang Mei,
Dear Friends,

Hope you are well.
Once again, we wish to express our earnest solidarity with Chinese People and the political leadership in their fascinating struggle to eradicate corona-virus and to congratulate them for the great results achieved so far. All what has been so efficiently and comprehensively  undertaken in your country since the appearance of the decease  is in the best common interest of the whole world and humanity. The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals and the Silk Road Connectivity Research Center,  in fact, the entire Serbia, are grateful to China for her  highest efficiency in stopping and eradicating this decease. We are fully convinced in China's earliest success.
We are proud that Serbia-China strategic cooperation, mutual trust and dialogue, including the highest levels, continue to strengthen.

Zivadin Jovanovic
The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
Silk Road Connectivity Research Center (CORREC)