Bankruptcy administrator “wanted: Willy Wimmer wants Armin Laschet to head the CDU and as candidate for chancellor

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wimer2018Willy Wimmer  

It is not a good testimony that Willy Wimmer (CDU) issues to the two departing women at the head of his party. In order to pull the Christian Democrats out of their deep, it now needs a strong man at the top who has already demonstrated his leadership skills.

For former Parliamentary State Secretary in the Ministry of Defense, Willy Wimmer (CDU), Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer's decision to give up party chairmanship and refrain from running for office as chancellor does not go far enough. He says:

“It is completely inadequate to say: I will resign under conditions. The resignation must take place completely, now! Also in her function as Minister of Defense. "The soldiers and the civilian employees of the Ministry of Defense and the Bundeswehr could not be expected to be led by someone who failed in another central function as badly as one would have to say for Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer. AKK could not achieve anything in Erfurt because the different trains between east and west collided so diametrically that solutions were no longer possible.

"If I have majority relations like in Erfurt, then I cannot force a solution that is pleasant to the East. The people in Erfurt, Dresden and elsewhere in the new federal states are simply tired of this endless, caustic paternalism by West German interests, ”said Wimmer.

The CDU politician sees the Federal Chancellor's decision of September 2015 as opening the borders in the face of the refugee crisis as the central cause of today's mood in the country and also for the election result in Thuringia. For Wimmer, Merkel has put himself above the law and caused great damage to the rule of law. Against this background, it was imperative for him that Merkel and Kramp-Karrenbauer resign as soon as possible.

Bankruptcy trustee wanted

While names like Friedrich Merz and Jens Spahn for the successor of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer are traded in the media, Willy Wimmer has already decided on the most suitable man for the job:
"I can only advise both women to call NRW Prime Minister Laschet and tell him: You should become chairman and chancellor. Because he has proven that you can run a large regional association, and not a dwarf kingdom like the Saarland or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Now it is important that someone act as bankruptcy trustee of the inheritance of these two women, and that, according to human judgment, can only be a seasoned prime minister. ”
In addition to Armin Laschet, Markus Söder should not be forgotten.

"Of course, the Bavarian Prime Minister is also a seasoned Prime Minister, which has to be seen in this context. Then the question arises that we have already discussed with Franz Josef Strauss: Can someone from Bavaria become a candidate for chancellor? We also saw in connection with Edmund Stoiber where that leads. These are internal questions, where from my experience I can only say: You have to solve them generously and with a clear awareness of the problems at hand. "
Wimmer does not consider any of the other publicly traded candidates to be suitable in this context. The situation could not be worse, and if it were not treated in the sense of bankruptcy administration for the ministries of defense, party presidency and federal chancellor, then the next Bundestag election would no longer have to worry about the fate of the CDU / CSU - because these would be then no longer to be considered.

"Then the Erfurt situation is transferred to the situation in Germany, and that doesn't serve Germany or the CDU / CSU," predicts Willy Wimmer.

The CDU veteran also considers the end of the grand coalition to be almost inevitable.
The politics of Merkel and AKK have given us a situation in the country that can only be described as follows: save yourself who can! Under these circumstances, I understand that every political force in Germany wonders whether it is not necessary to pull the ripcord. And the ripcord means the end of the grand coalition. ”