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Interview of Zivadin Jovanovic, Belgrade Forum for a Wo0rld of Equals to Fulvio Grimaldi journalist, publicist and film maker of Italy

zikaEU and Nato countries surround Serbia.
Do you feel isolated, or do you think that the alternative front of Russia and China can provide you with the necessary environment for independence and development?

R. I am convinced that the best option for Serbia would be to maintain balanced relations with East and West, to stay open and neutral. To achieve this it is necessary to continue good neighborly relations and cooperation with EU and NATO and at the same time expand strategic cooperation with Russia, China and other countries of growing power. Having regard that Serbia never belonged to any military alliances such policy would respect both, Serbia’s historic experiences as well as the current profound changes in global relations.
What are the true objectives behind the opposition demos and riots against the government that exhibit an odd alliance between Left and Right?
Are there similarities with what happened in 2000-2001 (Otpor)?

R. I do not know of any coherent program or vision of the present Serbia’s opposition. Some of the opposition leaders had been the leaders of Otpor so similarities with the past are not surprising. Habits are like another nature. Other leaders are debris of the former DOS. So they are again talking about the new “agreement with the people”. But they are short of explaining what happened with such “agreement” they offered to the people in September 2000?! What are the goals they pursue breaking the other day central TV RTS just at the time when the nation mourns victims of the criminal NATO aggression 20 years ago, when Serbia is exposed to new round of pressures to legally recognize the theft of the Province of Kosovo and Metohija in exchange for the promise of EU membership sometime after 2030!
We are living in an age where globalization, militarization, authoritarian finanzcapitalism are attacking the very concept of the nations’ sovereignty and self-determination and are breaking all norms and treaties of international law.
What does our future look like and are there forces to oppose this process?

R. Our future is uncertain with many risks including the danger of global conflict. “Holy trinity” of liberal corporative capitalism, uni-polar strategy of domination and NATO as their military feast is the main source of threats to peace and stability. As of NATO 1999 aggression on Yugoslavia military reasoning in decision making process has taken over all spheres of political, economic and social life. In EU, for instance, complete civilian infrastructures like railways, highways, bridges, airports has in the future to meet military standards. Member countries are also to enlist corporations “of interest to the national security” which may not be sold on the free market. Adding to this the complete disregard to the international treaties, new arms race, including nuclear, mushrooming of foreign military bases, particularly in the “new Europe” region, we get more than enough reasons to wary and ask ourselves where we are heading to? New world order based on multi-polarity opens the space for democratization of international relations, partnership and win win cooperation. Forces of peace should educate themselves, strengthen and unite in order to be able to stop globalization of wars, exploitation and poverty. Independent mass media and new ones should support these goals and efforts.
Kosovo-Metojia and Great Albania: a new threat within the Balkans and the West.
How to face it?

R. Kosovo and Metohija issue can be resolved only respecting the basic principles of the international law. UN Security Council’s resolution 1244 (1999) provides guaranties for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Serbia, being the legal successor of Yugoslavia, and essential autonomy for the Province of Kosovo and Metohija within Serbia. Pressuring and even blackmailing Serbia by the West to legitimize theft of the state territory would lead to amassing the conflict potential with unpredictable consequences. This problem cannot be resolved if approached only from geopolitical interest of the leading western countries, in the framework of the strategy of “expansion to the East”. For the balanced equitable and sustainable solution the negotiating process must include also Russia and China, i.e. all UN SC permanent members. Let us not forget that there are many “Kosovos” in awaiting line on the Euro-Asian continent. Have we forgotten how1938 Munich agreement about Sudeten had saved peace?