Willy Wimmer Bautzen Peace Prize laureate

Activities - Comments

Dear Mr. Wimmer,

My sincere congratulation for the Bautzen Peace Prize. Your consistent advocacy for the respect of International Law, the highest civilization values and partnership as opposed to arbitrariness, day to day calculations and confrontation shows the way out of nowadays's political confusion and confrontation in Europe and the world. Your friends in Serbia are proud and happy to have shared your visionary and courageous views  of the future based on principles and mutual respect. Your friends in Serbia have the highest esteem for your understanding of the history and realities in this part of Europe as well as for your great efforts to remove all prejudices and obstacles on the way to the mutual understanding, respect and better relations between Serbia and Germany.
I wish you further success in your outstanding struggle for peace, understanding and cooperation among all countries and peoples.

Zivadin Jovanovic