Open Letter to Jens Stoltenberg - Rudolf Hänsel

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To the Secretary General of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, on the occasion of his statement on the 1999 NATO aggression in front of students of the University of Belgrade on 8.10.2018

Mr. Stoltenberg, that is an insult to the Serbian people and a mockery of their victims!

Open letter from Rudolf Hänsel

Actually, I do not want to turn to a NATO Secretary General, but today I have to do it. The occasion: According to "Sputnik Germany" (7.10.) and "RT Deutsch" (8. 10.), you should have said in a meeting with students of Belgrade University on 8.10.2018 on NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 as follows:

"We have done this for the protection of the civilian population and for preventing further actions of the regime of Milosevic.” (Quoted after "Izvestia")

Allow me, as a German citizen and scholar, who has seriously dealt with political events in the Balkans for almost two decades, to inform you of the following:

I strongly condemn US-NATO's war of aggression against ex-Yugoslavia (codename "Merciful Angel"), which is in violation of international law, and I know that highly toxic and radioactive uranium weapons ("dirty bombs") were used in tons in this war.

With the use of uranium weapons was knowingly and willfully committed genocide ("crime of crimes").

That is why I am appalled by your ignorant and cynical statement, outraged and ashamed at the same time that an European intellectual demands this from the Serbian people.

Sir, with this statement you insult the Serbian people and mock their victims! In addition, you despise common sense because anyone who wants to know   can be informed about the uranium contamination of parts of former Yugoslavia.

Almost exactly a year ago, the German Nobel Prize winner for literature, Ms. Herta Müller, on the occasion of a speech at the Belgrade Book Fair forum expressed herself similarly disgustingly and shamefully, as well as deriding the Serbian victims.
She said: "Serbia has inflicted evil and citizens must live with the truth that they themselves caused suffering." (See "NRhZ" v. 1.11.2017)

In Serbia, aggressive cancer among young and old has reached epidemic proportions as a result of the use of uranium weapons. The suffering of the people cries out to heaven. According to the Serbian Ministry of Health, about 33,000 people fall ill each year. That means: at least one child every day. The entire country is contaminated. Damage to the genetic material (DNA) will give birth to malformed children generation after generation. In two articles "The war that does not end" and ”Inertia of the heart" (in: "Neue Rheinische Zeitung (NRhZ)"; in Serbia in: "Pecat" and "Informer") I have collected essential facts about this state terrorist crime of humanity.

The bombing of Serbian homes and hospitals, schools and kindergartens, ministries, factories, power lines, radio and TV stations, refineries, Danube bridges, refugee trains, and so on lasted 78 days: 1,031 soldiers were killed, 5,173 soldiers and policemen wounded, 2,500 civilians killed - including 78 children - and over 6,000 civilians wounded. Serbia has not recovered to this day. It was "crime at war" and it is a "genocide in peace" (Jovanovic, V. et al.).

Sir, can you explain to me how these crimes contributed to "protecting the civilian population" of Serbia? I am worried when I think what civilian population the US-led NATO aggression group will bomb next to its own protection for "democracy, freedom, free markets, and the rule of law." And I'm glad to have read a survey from last March that found that close to 85 percent of Serbs oppose their country's NATO membership.

Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Rudolf Hänsel
Lindau (Bodensee)