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Belgrade, June 3rd, 2018.
Nicosia, Cyprus

Dear Friends of Peace,
The Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, as well as all friends of brotherly people of Cypruce, from Serbia, expresses their utmost solidarity with organizers and participants of Pancyprian Peace March 2018.
In this turbulent era of growing tensions, global mistrust and daily violations of international law we demand to end all ongoing wars, to stop bloodshed being committed against peoples of the region such as the peoples of Syria, Palestine, Yemen and others. We demand that all disputes be resolved by peaceful means only, through negotiations under the auspices of United Nations. Use of force or threat of use of force is contrary to UN Charter and never leads to just and sustainable solutions and therefore are absolutely unacceptable.
We join you in marching on the path of Peace in order to express our opposition to Cyprus being used through the British Bases as an aggressive launching pad. Foreign military bases are relics of the Cold War era and in the interest of peace and freedom should be dismantled.
We fully support just demands for the resumption of talks on the Cyprus problem and peaceful reunification of Cyprus, so that Cyprus becomes a bridge of peace, development and cooperation for the peoples of the region.
We are eternally grateful for solidarity and great humanitarian assistance of the brotherly people of Cyprus to Serbian people in the years of Yugoslav Crises and 1999. NATO aggression.

Long live peace.
Long live eternal friendship and solidarity between Serbia and Cyprus.  

Zivadin Jovanovic
President of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
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