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Zivadin Jovanovic, Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, Silk Road Connectivity Research Center (COREC)

China the honest partner in win win cooperation

Interview to the  “Peoples’ Daily”, Europe Correspondent Dr Ren Yan, Bruseles

How do you view the role and function of the annual Two Sessions in China?
Reply: Serbia and China are comprehensive strategic partners. Therefore, the public in Serbia has closely followed the work of the Two Sessions in China. I wish to extend my personal and the Belgrade Forum’s the most sincere congratulations on the great success of the Two Sessions. I am convinced that this friendly feeling is present all over in Serbia. The two Sessions have immense role in the efficient functioning of the socialist system of Chinese characteristics which provides the highest rate of the GDP rise in the world, the highest contribution of China to the World economic development and steady rise of the living standards of Chinese people. The Two Sessions have irreplaceable role in concretizing and implementing strategic decisions of the Chinese leadership headed by President of the Republic and Secretary General Xi Jinping.

What impressed you most for the Two Sessions this year?
Reply: This year’s Two Sessions are particularly important as the follow up of the historic decisions of the 19th Congress of CPC. I am impressed by Unity, steadiness, and vision in the building of moderately developed socialist society by 2025.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made some new comments on the political system of China recently. How do see that?
Reply: The President Xi Jinping’s vision provides that the socialist system with Chinese characteristics is always adapted to meet the challenges of the modern socioeconomic, technological, cultural and scientific progress while remaining to be centered on the needs of the people for their better life. The President Xi has proved to command unique leadership qualities. He is guarantor of the people’s unity, overall steady socioeconomic progress and reforms oriented to address peoples yearning for better life. His initiative to uproot corruption, poverty and unacceptable social differences has delivered great success. His clear vision of the China’s future makes him to be always the source of new ideas and initiatives for socioeconomic, cultural and scientific development of the country.

Some experts say China has paved a new way for the development of scientific socialism. Do you agree with that?
Reply: I believe that Chinese socialism is scientifically based.  For that reason, China keeps reforming continuously not only its economy but its specific socialist system which encompasses all essential specifics of Chinese tradition, philosophy and history but also keeps developing modern solutions for challenges of today and the future.

As to the world governance, President Xi Jinping put forward some new initiatives like OBOR and creating a community of shared future for mankind, what significance do such initiatives have for the world economical and political sustainable development ?
Reply: President Xi Jinping’s initiatives like OBOR and Building Community of Shared Future of Mankind are of historic significance. These initiatives have been accepted worldwide and incorporated in the documents of United Nations and many other global international organizations. These initiatives are in line with humanity’s objective to secure steady, inclusive and sustainable growth of the world economy, to eliminate profound socioeconomic gaps and to reinforce peace and shared happy future of humanity. It is also leading to the better understanding among peoples and civilizations. Thanks to the President Xi’s initiatives the world economy governance is undergoing profound changes toward democratization, equality, inclusiveness and openers. All these new qualities in the world economy governance, contribute immensely toward new global order based on multipolarity, genuine partnership, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. This is why President Xi  enjoys reputation of the highest world leader who foresees the future of the global development, understands what should be done and brings genuine initiatives how the meet the challenges.

The President Xi Jinping is worldwide perceived as the leader of the new philosophy in the international relations – philosophy of win win cooperation and sovereign equality of all nations. Therefore, China is accepted as unselfish, honest partner, one which connects the interest of different countries and civilizations, the interest of peace, stability and modern socioeconomic development. As a founder and leading member of the new international institutions and organizations such as Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS, New Development Bank, Asian Bank for Infrastructure Development and many others, China under the leadership of President Xi plays global role in building appropriate system of governance of the World economy which will be open, inclusive and democratic.  

Serbia and China comprehensive strategic partners

It has been just announced in Belgrade that the President Xi Jinping will pay another official visit to Serbia this year. Two years ago he visited Serbia the first time opening the Smederevo Chinese Steel Factory, employing over 4.000 workers and announcing the start of the construction of the high speed railway Belgrade-Budapest. Now that the Steel factory is achieving impressive results in productivity and the construction of the high speed railway is progressing, the public in Serbia is hoping that the President Xi this year may officially inaugurate the start of yet another new strategically important joint projects China+16CEEC, under OBOR. In parallel with the announcement of the new President Xi’s visit, a huge delegation of Chinese “Xijing Mining Group” was received by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic discussing intention to buy Serbian  Copper (and Gold) Mining Company in Bor, one of the largest copper mine in Europe, employing about 5000 workers. The first Chinese Industrial Park in Europe, close to Belgrade has earlier been agreed upon to be constructed, as well as the water purification factory.