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Zivadin Jovanovic, president of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, President of the Silk Road Connectivity Research Center (COREC)

An Interview with the People’s Daily

zikaChina’s annual "two sessions" or “lianghui” of 2017 are just around the corner. It comprises plenary meetings of the country's top legislative and consultative bodies, the National People’s Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. It draws worldwide attention every year and becomes a hot topic in China and beyond.

1.    How do you see the political system?
ZJ: I see the Chinese political system as corresponding with Chinese conditions and aims of prosperous future. Following the Deng Xiaoping`s strategy of “reform and opening-up” China adopted the path of building the system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, socialist democracy and market economy. This system is unique as the Chinese 5.000 years long civilization, tradition and culture are unique. It reflects the development and modernization needs, aims of social equity, justice and prosperity for all. The size and potentials of the country and the nation are also factors of shaping specific political system. It has proved its justification and harmony by delivering unprecedented economic growth making China, for the time being, the second strongest economy in the world, by eradication of underdevelopment and poverty, by advanced living standards, education and culture for all.

2.    Some experts regard it as Chinese style democratic political system, which is different from western style democracy. Do you agree or not? Why?
ZJ: Of course, it is different from western type of democracy. I see the Chinese political system as aiming to satisfy overall needs of men and women, of human beings in China as utmost values. Thus, the system is not centered only to the economic development as such, but that economic development serves to advance living standard, education, culture, health, family, moral and human values, in general. This, in turn, provides freedom, dignity and self-respect for all. The political system based on such lasting human values is naturally oriented to function in favor of peace, win win cooperation and stability in the world.
On the other side, the western type of democracy seems to be concentrated on profit as only “reason d’être“. Sense for human values, respect of moral principles, family needs, sense for equal chances of all in the fields of culture, health and education, has been drastically degraded if not, totally, ignored. Rein of greed, egoism and double standards has jeopardized the basics of western civilization. Real decision making power has moved from democratic institutions to the invisible informal power centers. Political elites have lost sense of any meaningful responsibility to the people. That’s why the western type of democracy and the whole system of so-called multinational corporate liberal capitalism are in profound crisis having political, economic, financial and moral aspects. The question of today is - can it be repaired and how. Will power centers voluntarily relinquish their privledges?
The world has learned by now that political systems are not commodity to by, or copy, they cannot be imposed nor prescribed from any “exceptional” center simply because there are no prescriptions suitable to every single country. In order to keep humanity in progress, to avoid interference and interventions, every country should be free to choose own path of socio-economic development respecting own conditions and aims. It is time for everybody to learn living in harmony with all differences.

3.    China has made great progress not only in economy but also in politics. What impressed you most in the field of politics?
ZJ: Having regard to unprecedented achievements of China, it is not easy to select the most impressive ones. Still, in my opinion, unity, self-confidence, patriotism and vision are main features of great achievements of contemporary China. If it has been true so far, that the policy of opening-up and reforms has helped China to fully employ human, scientific and economic resources for wellbeing of own people, today it is true that openness of China is great opportunity for the rest of the world to see and get inspiration for own prosperity. In the era of prolonged systematic crisis, transitions and uncertainties China is the well of inspiration and power house of global growth. The Belt and Road Initiative is globally important for reinforcing peace trough economic development and people to people connectivity.