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Zivadin Jovanovic,
Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals


Long time ago US political leaders have proclaimed exceptional role and rights for USA in the world affairs. Accordingly they acted as being exempted from any responsibility, except to God. In recent history, for example, USA would proclaim to have national interests in any corner of the world and intervene even militarily, apparently, to protect them. Open or covert interference in other country`s internal affairs has become a routine matter within self attributed “right to democratize”, “right to protect”, “right to educate”, “humanize”, “standardize”, “inform”…

Now, has this policy based on American self attributed exceptionalism gained new arguments and strength after Presidential election campaign or it has come to close?
As long as one could follow from outside, the two presidential candidates - Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump - paid very little attention to the crucial issues of the interest of citizens, quality of their everyday life. They spent enormous energy and time accusing each other of wrong judgments, wrong doings including crimes, such as tax evasion, racism, or threat to the national security. They even threatened each other with criminal investigations, whoever wins.  It looked like competition in spitting and exposing dirty laundry from all levels - personal and family to the level of vital state institutions - instead in presenting new political ideas about the future of the national economy, social services, security, domestic and foreign policy.  Can it be that obviously poor and unclear political offer of either presidential candidate will not affect future US role on international scene?
On foreign policy and world relations one could hardly understand if there was any strategic concept of any candidate. They have not presented their concepts of world relations in the era of multy-polarity, views on how to secure world economy growth, how to eradicate poverty, misery, growing economic and social gaps, how to cope with massive migrations. Mrs. Clinton stood with the practice of illegal military interventions inherited yet from her husband`s Presidency and expanded during her tenure of the State Secretary`s office and announced hawkish hard line policy, in general, accusing Mr. Trump of being incompetent, weak and even “Putin`s puppet”.  Trump, on the other hand, sounded more inclined to the ideas of partnership and shared responsibility but not renouncing the right to military interventions.

It is clear, however, that neither of the two candidates is ready to leave behind the global imperial USA role and strategy designed to suit the interest of  military industrial complex and global financial capital (Wall Street).  
It is natural that in any presidential elections the candidates invest their personal features. Still, such candidates are always accompanied by lot of advisers and specialists who record effects of campaigns and give advices on what and how should be corrected in order to secure positive impact of candidate`s seriousness, capability and optimism. All these, however, has been missing. Why? The causes, certainly, could not be found in the lack of political know how, even less in the lack of financial resources as this is the most expensive electoral campaign ever, anyway. Could it be that this bizarre campaign and its poor political offer has to be traced in the state of mind of the core of American society missing clear ideas about own and the world`s future?  
Shortly will be announced who is he next US president. This means one important unknown will be resolved. Whoever is elected - Clinton or Trump – will inherit the deepest division in American society as extremely heavy reward to deal with, most likely, during the whole mandate.

It is also more or less, certain that the next US president cannot count to continue easily exporting of American style democracy as so far. Much before US presidential elections campaign started, the world relations have drastically changed introducing sovereign equality and true partnership based Order. These elections have only accelerated loses in value of American type democracy and neoliberal capitalism having been propagated in the past as “the main American export product”. Whoever wins, should understand that with these elections the policy based on the idea of American exceptionalism in the world scene has gone.
Let us hope that the new tenant of the White House will have courage to accommodate. And the Wall Street, military-industrial complex and Capitol Hill – too.