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Zivadin Jovanovic, Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals
In the eve of G-20 Summit in China



 -    Interview to the “People`s Daily” -

1.    There are mixed views about Chinese economy. How do you see the economy situation in China?
Chinese economy is the second strongest in the world with the real prospects to become number one in not too distant future. Such strategic change in the world, naturally, attracts the highest possible attention of the world mass media, traditional centers of economic and financial power, not always with objective approaches.

It is true that Chinese GDP yearly rise is not any longer expressed in two-digit percentage, as decades before. But, - is it realistic at all that the country which has got so quickly out of poverty, which has so successfully reached the status of highly developed modern economy, continues endlessly to grow by the same pace of 10, or 12 percent every year?! With around 7 percent of actual GDP rise China still remains unique economy with the highest GDP rise among all major world economic powers. In addition, it is not the simple volume of the GDP growth that counts, but even more important criteria should be - stability, quality of production and quality of living standard of population. In the prolonged world economic and financial crisis, China remains steady leader of innovation, research and global green development.

2.    What do you expect for the forthcoming G20 Summit to be held in China? What's the special significance of the summit to be held in China?
G-20 meeting in China will be world event of the highest importance. It comes at the time of continuous economic and financial crises in major parts of the world, including destabilization of EU after “Bregzit”. It comes at the time of prolonged war in Syria, destabilization of Ukraine and Turkey, at the time of intensification NATO expansion towards Russia after NATO summit in Warsaw, spreeding international terrorism, migration crisis. NATO and USA policy of encircling Russia and China is provoking profound concern. Therefore, the G-20 summit offers rare opportunity to consider both - economic and security problems being interconnected.  
Holding of G-20 summit in China is recognition to Chinese unprecedented economic, ethnological and innovative achievements, to Chinese contribution to the development of the underdeveloped world and to the role of China in containment of the world economic and financial crisis. Chinese multidimensional global initiative ‘One belt one road’ represents the most important contribution to global development and proof of win-win cooperation which should be globally supported and accepted.  At the same time, it is recognition that Asia is the center of economic and technological development of the world in 21st Century.  I expect that forthcoming G-20 Summit
adopts more realistic approach to the world economic and financial situation of today. Deep, systematic, accumulated problems certainly cannot be resolved by mere printing of new trillions of dollars or Euros, nor by the continuous egoism and transfer of one-selves problems to the others but by removing of all politically motivated barriers, by openness and acceptance of shared responsibilities for common destiny.

3.    There are so many uncertainties in the world economy. What role can the forthcoming G20 Summit play in easing the world market anxiety?
It is true that the world is still far from solution of one of the most serious crisis since one that preceded the Second World War. This one is multidimensional crisis. It is economic, financial, political, security and social. Therefore, the approach to solutions has to be multidimensional.  We all should be aware that development and prosperity need stability and true partnership among main actors, as a base.
After the fall of Berlin Wall, instead of easing of global mistrust, instead of accepting genuine partnership in the world relations, we have witnessed growing mistrust, expansionism and confrontation inspired by certain power centers and proponents of unipollar world.  It is high time to understand and accept that the policy of domination, confrontation and militarization has no future. The stable and prosperous future can be built only on multipolarity, shared responsibility and sovereign equality among all nations, without anybody`s domination.  This spirit has to be introduced and strengthened at the forthcoming Summit of G-20. Other approaches lead to confrontation and conflicts, ultimately, to self-destruction. In order to ease economic, political and social tensions and confrontations, the world needs truly sustainable development strategy, win win cooperation and solution of major crises by peaceful political means. True partnership and mutual trust is of paramount importance.