Mary Walsh at Belgrade Forum

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Mary Martha Walsh and Basil Henry, humanitarians and authors from Ireland, have visited Belgrade forum for a World of Equals. They have been informed about activities of Belgrade Forum on national and international level. They have also  expressed desire to participate in the future activities of  Belgrade Forum, particularly at international conferences.
The guests are the authors of the book ’Hiding the Genocide in Kosovo’. They also prepared another book titled ’Crimes in Velika Hoca’, devoted to several tenth of killed and abducted Serbs by UCK. Mary Martha Walsh has spent 10 years in Kosovo working for the international community, but after she showed disagreement with proAlbanian aproaches and practices of  UNMIK in Kosovo and Metohia, she lost all her positions. After that experience she became a witnesss to the truth about Kosovo, as she said. Mary Martha Walsh became known among Serbian people after she published an article ’An observer at a Crow’s Court’ about memories from Kosovo where she reveal her personal testimonies about situation in Kosovo from 1999. to 2009.

Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals,
Belgrade, 21. July 2016.