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 The decision of Great Bretain to leave EU is a consequence of lasting crisis of the EU system, unability and unwillingness of Brussels bureaucratic structure to understand new challenges, estrangement and arrogance of ruling elite as well as of extensive dependence of EU from USA. This crisis appears as political, economic, financial, but it is an esential expression of the crisis of neoliberal capitalism.

BREXIT will doubtless deepen the concept of EU system based on the deprivation of authorities of national states and concentration of the authorities within the bureaucratic Brussels center which is without meaningful control. EU region has entered a long period of political instability and uncertainty. Fleeing of corporate capital from EU appears as inevitable process with all consequences for development, socio-economic aggrarvation and political turmoil.

After illegal secession of Kosovo and Metohija in witch, paradoxical, Great Britain together with USA, played major role, separatism in Great Britain and the whole of Europe has got new encouragement. It is obvious that BREXIT is obliging EU to spare much of energy and time in trying to find solutions for profound problems. Hence, the policy of enlargement will be objectivly put aside. Countries of the Western Balkan, including Serbia, can not count on capital inflow and investments from the EU region which itself has a run into profound crisis and serious lack of capital.

Concerning Serbia, it is adviseble to pay much greater attention to own recources, however limited may be, to the concept of balanced foreign policy. Reformers are expected to take in account new circumstances and get rid of illusory expectations. Remaining open for reciprocaly beneficial cooperation with everybody, they should preserve national recources, such as vast arable land, waters, forests, minerals, as well as state owned Telecom, EPS, inssurance companies and others as a base for modern and strong public sector. Pressures and political conditionings should be rejected regardles on where from they are coming- from internationa financial institutions or from the states.

In new circumstances, Serbia's relations and cooperation with Russia, China, other members of BRIKS, as well as with other countries who had been supporting Serbia and cooperating without any political strings - are getting higher importance.